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Complex Traits and Human Genetic Variation

Variable prediction accuracy of polygenic scores within an ancestry group

Coverage by The American Society of Science and Health

Signals of adaptation of height, based on polygenic scores, are mostly an artifact of population structure confounding

Also see this eLife editorial and article on Quanta Magazine covering the paper.


What determines the distribution of allele frequencies in humans in large samples?  We found surprising effects of two evolutionary forces, mutation rate variation and fitness epistasis.badgef1000


Evolution of Gene Duplicates

Frequent non-allelic gene conversion on the human lineage, yet “concerted evolution” is rare


Selective constraint on gene expression


1000s of novel coding sequences in humans identified with Ribosome profiling


Cancer and Clonal Evolution

Between-region genetic divergence reflects the mode of tumor evolution


Polymorphism levels in serial transfer evolution experiments;  also described with clarity in a Stanford CEHG blog post by Doc Edge.

LD between >2 sites and clonal interference